Does your business depend on it’s vehicles? Every minute they’re down costs you money. Many businesses and individuals in Albany have come to depend on Albany Tire & Wheel to get their vehicles back on the road fast. Plus, when you purchase your tires from Albany Tire & Wheel, you’ll receive free flat repairs and rotations.

New owners Dave and Marci Mier grew up here and they believe in the golden rule. They treat their customers the way they would want to be treated. Albany Tire and Wheel, corner of Southwest Pacific and 29th.


Free tire pressure checks including tires with tpms

Tire rotations, flat repair, free tire rotation and flat repairs on tires purchased from us.

Custom wheel and tire packages for street and off road.

Courtesy Safety Check

• Warning Lights
• Headlights
• Taillights
• Blinkers/Marker Lights
• Front Brakes
• Rear Breaks


We are an authorized dealer of P&S Detail & Car Wash products. We keep many of their items in stock including the Double Black, Renny Doyle Collection.

Double Black, Renny Doyle Collection is a cutting edge, premium brand within our line of P&S products. Double Black products are approved by Renny as equal to or stand alone as the best he has found. Some of the products are existing products selected by Renny during events like McCallís Motorworks Revival Event, The Quail and Air Force One. But, we have also added new products, built and honed to Rennyís specifications. In every case, each product performs to the highest standards of todays technology. The Double Black line will continue to evolve and improve as Renny and P & S work together to demand and get more performance from each product.

Windshield streaking is not an issue with Aquapel. 

Aquapel Glass Treatment improves a driver’s ability to see clearly and drive safer. This innovative technology is a long-lasting rain repellant that:

• Remarkably improves vision in the rain.
• Causes rain to bead up and roll right off.
• Makes it easier to clear ice, snow, and even dirt and bugs.
• Reduces glare in the rain, especially at night.
• Lasts for months in normal driving conditions.